Kauffman: Three Merchants of Integrity by Jim A. Kauffman


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The Kauffman family endured the hardships of persecution, emigration, and the everyday trials of carving a home out of the Dakota prairie.

Researched on two continents and over the course of nearly forty years, this book is a labor of love that tells the story of a family through the generations, especially through the eyes of three men:

Jacob: who emigrated from Russia to build a new life in America.

Charles: his son, whose passion for natural beauty led him to dedicate his life to the founding and growth of a remarkable museum.

Lloyd: son of Charles, blessed with tremendous strength and a keen mechanical aptitude, who ultimately found new life in the midst of tragedy.

It is a tale of great joys and deep sorrows. It is a record of three men of integrity: their talents, their struggles, and the legacy they left to future generations.

Author Jim A. Kauffman is the son of Lloyd and a retired educator now living in Casper, Wyoming.