A Day With the Birds


Exhibit Booking

Exhibit fee: 
$7,000 for a 6-8 week booking, $750 per additional week.

Shipping expense:
Inbound shipping, cost to be determined, is the responsibility of the host museum. Kauffman Museum will make the shipping arrangements, in consultation with the host museum.

Installation assistance:
Included with the exhibit fee is the time of a Kauffman Museum staff person to assist host venue with installation, which usually takes about a day and a half. Assistance is also provided for takedown.

Space requirements:
~1,000 sq. ft.

Environment and security:
Host venue to assure a museum-quality exhibit environment, with stable temperature and humidity, appropriate light levels and adequate security. The exhibition area must be locked and secure during closed hours. Fire protection according to local ordinances must be provided in exhibition areas.

Crates and storage:
Designed around a modular system, the shipping crates serve as the exhibit units so there are only a few flat panels and tool cart that require storage.

Sponsorships and funding assistance:
Contact Kauffman Museum today to discover the benefits of becoming an originating institution for A Day With the Birds.

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General Contact

Questions about the exhibit? Please contact:

Chuck Regier
Curator of Exhibits at Kauffman Museum