A traveling exhibit exploring community science and the Audubon Christmas Bird Count that aims to increase awareness of, appreciation for, and conservation of our respective local bird populations.

This exhibit is currently under development.

Upcoming Events

Wingspan Game Night

Wingspan Game Night

Join hosts Jeff Kauffman and Chris Riesen for a night of Wingspan, the award-winning board game about building a bird sanctuary! Whether you're and expert Wingspan player or have no experience at all, come play a few rounds of the 2019 winner of the prestigious...

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Visit Kauffman Museum virtually! Watch, Listen and Learn through videos, podcasts and exhibit interactives.

Sunday-Afternoon-at-the-Museum: “Sisters, Scientists, Friends and Birders,” Lorna Habegger Harder

February 11, 2024

Sunday-Afternoon-at-the-Museum: “The Western Meadowlark: The State Bird, but Not the Only Exceptional Bird in Kansas” – Gregg Friesen

January 7, 2024

“The Anabaptist Story Lives On: The Odyssey of an Organ, Immigrant Furniture and Traveling Exhibits”

January 12, 2021

“Mennonite Peace Efforts under Communist Observation,” Pastor Bernhard Thiessen

May 21, 2023


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