Kauffman Museum is OPEN to the public.
Discover the textile arts of nomadic women in Reeds & Wool: Patterned Screens of Central Asia, on display from October 22, 2022 through May 21, 2023.
Kyrgyz women created these richly textured screens in the 19th and early 20th centuries as furnishings for their yurt dwellings. Kauffman Museum developed this special exhibition to share the story of this unique cultural tradition and its creative use of natural materials.

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“The Past in the Present” with Justina Neufeld and Janine Wedel | Living Endowment Dinner 202

Oct 23, 2022

“Decommissioned Missile Silo Sites: Reminders of Our Past and Future” | SAAM

Sept 18, 2022


“Collecting for College and Community: Past, Present and Future” with David Kreider | SAAM

May 22, 2022

“Drums or Organ: Contesting Musical Styles in African Christianity” by John Janzen

April 3, 2022


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