Current & Upcoming Venues

The Mirror of the Martyrs is on display at Kauffman Museum. It continues to be available for booking.

Past Venues

Since its opening at Kauffman Museum at Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas in 1990, the Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit has appeared in over 65 locations in 22 states and five provinces in Canada. It has appeared in art and cultural museums, libraries, churches, seminary chapels, colleges and universities, a bank, a city hall, and Amish-owned equipment sheds.

1. Kauffman Museum, North Newton, KS
2. Goshen College, Goshen, IN
3. Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries,Elkhart, IN
4. Old Order Amish community, Middlebury, IN
5. Old Order Amish community, Nappanee, IN
6. Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, VA
7. Newport News, VA
8. The Meetinghouse, Harleysville, PA
9. Old Order Mennonite community, Hinkeltown,PA
10. Young Center, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown,PA
11. Canton Art Institute, Canton, OH
12. Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD
13. Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH
14. Shalom Christian Academy, Chambersburg, PA
15. Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster,PA
16. Mennonite Heritage Center, Metamora, IL
17. Kauffman Museum, North Newton, KS
18. Historic Mennonite Brethren Church, Hillsboro,KS
19. Freeman Academy Heritage Archives, Freeman,SD.
20. Concord College, Winnipeg, MN
21. Mennonite Village Museum, Steinbach, MN
22. Winkler Bible Institute, Winkler, MN
23. Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson, NB
24. Beatrice Public Library, Beatrice, NB
25, Mennonite Historical Society, Kalona, IA
26. Messiah College, Grantham, PA
27. Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, Kitchener,ON
28. United Mennonite Church, St. Catherines,ON
29. Danforth Morningside Mennonite Church, Toronto,ON
30. Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN
31. Heritage House Museum, Mountain Lake, MN
32. Station Arts Centre, Rosthern, SK
33. Bank IV Atrium, Wichita, KS
34. Burkholder Chapel, Upland, CA
35. Fresno Pacific College, Fresno, CA
36. Lebanon Mennonite Church, Lebanon, OR
37. Columbia Bible College, Clearbrook, BC
38. Regents College, Vancouver, BC
39. Whitworth College, Spokane, WA
40. Stauth Memorial Museum, Montezuma, KS
41. First Mennonite Church, Denver, CO
42. Illinois Amish Interpretive Center, Arcola,IL
43. Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
44. Northwest Nazarene College, Nampa, ID
45. Seattle Mennonite Church, Seattle, WA
46. Cheyenne Cultural Center, Clinton, OK
47. Kauffman Museum, North Newton, KS

48. Magnolia Mennonite Church, Macon, MS
49. Jefferson Davis Community College, Brewton,AL
50. Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Gainesville, FL
51. Bahia Vista Mennonite Church, Sarasota, FL
52. City Hall, Atlanta, GA
53. Duke University Alumni Hall, Durham, NC
54. Shenandoah Valley Cultural Museum, Harrisonburg,PA
55. Mennonite Information Center, Berlin, OH
56. Berne Public Library, Berne, IN
57. Shalom Ministries, Archbold, OH
58. Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH
59. Otto Center, Arthur, IL
60. McLean County Historical Museum, Bloomington, IL
61. Topeka Mennonite Church, Topeka, IN
62. St. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, IN
63. Mennonite Church USA Assembly, Nashville, Tennessee
64. West Union Mennonite Church, Parnell, IA
65. Muddy Creek Farm Library, Ephrata, PA
Muddy Creek Farm Library, Ephrata, PA
66. Kauffman Museum, Bethel College, North Newton, KS
-addition added to Museum to provide home base for exhibit
67. Otto Center, Arthur, IL
68. Illinois Amish Interpretive Center, Arcola, IL
69. Kauffman Museum, North Newton, KS
70. Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH
71. Stauth Memorial Museum, Montezuma, KS
Stauth Memorial Museum, Montezuma, KS
72. Kauffman Museum, North Newton, KS


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